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FRESH WATER design symposium:

Our CALL for ABSTRACTS is out for the FRESH WATER design symposium. 

The FRESH WATER design symposium invites designers and researchers, across academia and practice, to convene, debate, and discuss the inland water territories of North America. 

The symposium asks

  • How should design contextualize deep ecological, social, cultural and economic concerns within this large, complex scale, across real and perceived boundaries? 
  • What new water design partnerships will be most effective, and why is this the case?
  • What new design research projects can be identified and initiated as experimental testing grounds? How should we actively engage the public in making them happen?
  • What would it take to move beyond linear problem-solving, toward creative reframing and inventive design thinking for these water territories? 

Abstracts (for both papers and visual essays) are due January 15, 2018.

For Full details please check the symposium website: